The Providence Group is focused on helping dealerships create an environment where consumers want to purchase and become lifelong customers. Our success is measured by our dealer partner’s achievements.

What We Do

As an organization of highly experienced teammates, we are dedicated to the development of our partners across the automotive and specialty industries. We provide high-quality products to all departments, and train dealer personnel to sell the value of those programs to the end user, all while remaining compliant.


Process is key and there is not a "one size fits all" approach. We evaluate established processes and procedures to ensure alignment with dealer goals, recommending changes where necessary.


Any vendor can provide products; our aim is to ensure a high ROI on these products through constant assessment, training, and development. Our vast retail experience allows us to evaluate your team members individually and provide them with the correct tools and approach to achieve high customer satisfaction and dealer profitability.


We inspect what you expect. After establishing the dealer goal, implementating and improving processes to ensure achievement of that goal, we then continuously monitor all resulting metrics. We are an extension of the principal, providing feedback and holding staff accountable for all dealer objectives.


The Providence Group regularly reviews and evaluates rapidly advancing technologies across all customer industries. These include, but are not limited to, customer retention and acquisition offerings, communication platforms, metric reporting tools and more. We screen, and recommend, programs for our dealer partners, that are in alignment with the overall goal. We analyze and assess performance to ensure high efficiency and profitability.


Superb customer service is what our customers expect. Responsiveness and timeliness are key.


We pride ourselves in offering only A+ rated insured products to our customers and dealer partners.



"Over the last two decades our company has grown from two rooftops to eight and The Providence Group team has been a vital part of our profitability and growth. They have consistently brought to the table innovative and effective training programs spanning nearly every position in the dealership."

Jay Schmitt, Dealer Principal, Jeff Schmitt Auto Group


"They are engaged with my staff in sales, service, detail, admin, and management. The training they provide is focused and geared towards what we believe is important. The team has been available, reachable, and attentive to our needs."

Christian Hahn, General Manager, Joseph Airport Toyota


“I can trust them.”

Eric Obaugh, Dealer Principal, Charlie Obaugh Chevrolet


“Value their support and staff.”

Bryan Horne, General Manager, Harrisonburg Honda


“We have seen a fantastic increase in dollars and hours per repair order!”

Wayne Owens, Service Director, Gary Smith Honda


“Went far out of the way to help!”

Harry Scott, GM Harrisonburg Ford

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