The Providence Group is a team dedicated to achieving market dominance by providing the highest quality products, customer service and personnel development to our dealer partners. Our objective is to improve the dealership’s bottom line by training and assisting each department in all aspects of the sales, and service, of our high-quality products. The Providence Group team members specialize in cultivating additional revenue by working with dealership personnel to create long term plans and processes, that are designed to reach your expectations. Our team provides unique concepts and unparalleled experience, which not only benefits our dealer partners, but also has a positive impact on their customer experience, their valued employees and the automotive industry as a whole.


The Providence Group is focused on staying abreast of constantly changing market conditions, seeking out new technologies to improve product quality and profitability. We are focused on providing the best possible service to our valued dealer partners by routinely analyzing processes and assisting every department in creating more sales and providing excellent customer service.


We have been providing outstanding service and valued products for over 30 years, pivoting when the market changes to keep our dealers profitable and compliant. We never stop pushing for better results and truly base our success on the achievements of our dealers.


We have over 100 years of experience in the automotive and specialty industries. From retail sales, finance, management, lending, and other roles, which allows us to provide unmatched training and support to our customers.


We strive to provide the incredible customer service our dealer partners count on by being responsive to their requirements and expectations.


We pride ourselves in offering only A+ rated insured products to our dealer partners and their customers.

Our History


Providence Group Was Started

From the start our focus has been helping dealers define and achieve goals for their F&I departments.  As well as to employ successful retail experienced managers that partner with our dealer clients and become accountable to them for the success of the finance, sales and service departments.

Today The Providence Group services dealers all over the continental United States from Coast to Coast. The relationships we have developed with our clients are a reflection of the relationship we have with our people.