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Our COVID-19 Statement

As we’re currently operating under some uncertain conditions, and we’re not in a position to predict how things will turn around in the next few weeks or even months, let’s all work together to ensure our team’s wellbeing.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind: ● Time off / Sick leave / Work from home: While we update our policies and share any changes we make, use your best judgment when a team member requests time off, sick leave or work from home. You can also proactively encourage employees to do so, taking into account that we’re not only protecting our health, we’re also protecting the health of those around us.

● COVID-19 symptoms: If any of your team members has even the slightest symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, difficulty breathing) ask them to go home. Be discreet; we don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. This is a pandemic outbreak; it’s not anyone’s fault if they get infected, but we do need to minimize the risk. So, contact HR as soon as possible – we might need to sanitize the office or take other drastic measures.

● Remote work: As we’re transitioning to a virtual work environment, make sure your team is adequately equipped. Support them on tools you might start using, set some ground rules to enhance your communication (e.g. have video calls with the camera on) and be empathetic as some employees might struggle with finding a quiet space at home (particularly if they don’t live alone).

● Mental health: It’s natural that some of your team members might get stressed over this situation. Be there for them and let them know that we’ll all get through this tough time together. Try to avoid negative words that imply emergency and danger and opt for a more empathetic, calm tone. You can also encourage your team members to talk about their feelings and concerns during 1:1 meetings.

We do take and will continue to take precautionary measures so that we can keep working with a lower risk factor, but we realize that health is the top priority at this point. Be mindful of the inevitable changes in production and use this time to re-evaluate how you and your team are collaborating and how you can adapt to new working styles as we might need to work remotely for some time.

Mostly, make sure you also stay safe and reach out with any questions or concerns you have.

Thank you